TV Roxx is an Android media hub that lets you turn any TV into a Smart TV that will allow you access to all your favorite online media.

There was a time when the only way to experience a cinema quality experience was to travel to the movie theater itself, buy yourself a ticket and some overpriced popcorn and then settle in. Then along came video, which represented a quantum leap at the time, offering the experience of the big screen at home on your little screen.

TV Roxx represents another quantum leap in home movie and media interaction. TV Roxx can take literally any TV and transform it into a 4k ULTRA HD Cinematic experience that will allow you to stream all your favorite online movie content easily. Because it employs Android OS, you can stream more than just movies. You can also enjoy your favorite TV shows, pictures, and even live TV. Add to that the ability to browse the internet, install applications and even play games, and you’ll start to see why TV Roxx represents a game-changer for at-home entertainment.

The Features of TV Roxx

TV Roxx not only gives you the ability to enjoy all your media on any TV, it also enables you to enjoy them in a streamlined way that leaves competitors in the dust. TV Roxx features a wireless mouse that allows you to navigate all your content quickly and easily from any seat in the room.

A new way to enjoy movies reliably

Smart TV, both past and present, have consistently struggled with the multitude of movie formats that exist. Ask yourself if this scenario sounds familiar: You get home on Friday, set yourself up on the couch and get ready to play that movie you’ve been looking forward to all day on your TV. Suddenly, an error message pops up and tells you the format is not supported. No further instruction are given.With TV Roxx, such problems are a thing of the past. It supports all the main movie formats and sources including streamable online media, ISOs, 3D, H.264, HEVC and WEBM.

Don’t forget about your favorite series

TV Roxx allows you to stream and view all you TV content in a way to that is easy to use and easy to navigate. Enjoy the benefits of both episode and season view, show descriptions and actors lists. But TV Roxx doesn’t stop at TV shows and movies. Stream any content from the internet using your TV and enjoy a new and straightforward way enjoy the benefits of online media from the comfort of your couch.

Enjoy your favorite family memories while you listen to your favorite songs

TV Roxx features an image library that enables you to import all your pictures into one location and view them in a variety of ways. While you are filtering through them or enjoying a slideshow with your family, you can also listen to some great music. TV Roxx home theatre supports AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, and WMA formats so no matter how you have stored your music in the past, you’ll be able to get the most out of it.

Choose to plug in or go wireless

TV Roxx also features a inbuilt wireless antennae, so you can choose between plugging in a cable connector or dispensing with the wires altogether.

Accessories included with your TV Roxx box

With your order you get, first and foremost, the cutting edge TV Roxx home theater box itself, supporting 4K Ultra HD. The box comes with a tailor-engineered Wireless mouse with a whopping 2.4GB USB receiver, a high quality HDMI 4.1 Cable 1080P@60HZ, and a AC/DC Adapter Power Cable.

What makes TV Roxx so unique?

One of the things that distinguishes TV Roxx from the rest of the Smart TV boxes on the market is that it will work with any TV brand on the market. This is why the box represent such a quantum leap forward for home entertainment. Unlike Smart TV boxes that force you to buy a particular type of TV (usually one associated with or of the same brand as the Smart TV box itself) TV Roxx allows you total freedom, enabling you to save hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned cash by saving you the trouble of forking out for a brand new TV. In addition, it works with all main video formats, allowing you the freedom to choose content from any provider of your choosing.

This is why you can stream for free with TV Roxx

Not only does TV Roxx save you money by offering freedom when it comes to your choice of TV, it also frees you from the ever-present drain that is the monthly subscription fee. When we say that your purchase of a TV Roxx home theater box represents a one-time only payment, that is exactly what we mean. No annoying registration and, more importantly, no regular debits from you bank account! Additionally, because TV Roxx supports so many different types of movie and music formats, you are totally unlimited in how and from whom you get your movie and media content from. TV Roxx represents the very best of what the internet has to offer with no strings attached.

What TV Roxx feels like to use

TV Roxx is designed to be easy to use at every step. Setup instructions are a thing of the past with this advanced piece of tech. Simple plug it into your screen, turn it on and then follow the onscreen prompts and in no time at all, you’ll be enjoying all your favorite movie, music and media content. The wireless mouse allows you to navigate like you would on your laptop or computer, but because it is cable free, you can do this while lounging on your sofa or even sitting at the dinner table.

Customers who have used the TV Roxx Box

Stephen Mills

I had just about given up on the idea of enjoying my online movie content on my TV. I have a family of three and I really wanted to find a way to get everybody’s noses out of their smartphone and tablets so that we could enjoy a little movie time together. Of course, these days, my kids have come to expect HD cinematic quality as something of a given. I knew it would take something special to tease them away from their mini-screens and TV Roxx didn’t disappoint. Having looked at a myriad of other Smart TV boxes out there, I was a little concerned about how many seemed to require that I pay a monthly fee just to use even the most basic features. Sure, I wanted to buy a Smart TV box to encourage my family to get together for movie time more often, but I was realistic enough to admit that, even in the best case scenario, we wouldn’t be doing so more than once or twice a week, so a subscription service didn’t really seem worth the money. That is why TV Roxx is such a Godsend. With no subscription fees, I felt it was really value for money. Now I watch movies with my wife and kids almost every weekend. The children really love to mess around with the different features and navigation options as well. I just like to watch the movies!! Anyway, a really great product that is well worth the once off payment.

Jennifer Castle

TV Roxx benefited both my lifestyle and my back! I was in the habit of viewing feature length movies on my laptop, but, because I was spending so much time hunched forward, I started to develop back issues. My Physio advised me to start watching movies on a regular TV while seated in a normal position, so I started to look around for ways to get my online media on my TV. I had recently bought a pretty expensive TV, and I wasn’t happy with the fact that most Smart TV boxes on the market seem to come with the proviso that I purchase a TV that worked with their product. Thankfully, I came across TV Roxx before I gave up the search for good. Now I can enjoy my great TV and all my favorite movies online, and my posture problems have improved considerably. Also, thanks to the Android OS and the handy wireless mouse, I don’t really notice the difference between navigating on my laptop or my TV Roxx.

Martin Underwood

To be honest, I’m not really much good when it comes to technology. I’ve just recently hit the big 60 years old and I was quite happy with my DVD player and Flat Screen combo. Of course, then it decided to pack in on me one day last year and I was left in a bit of a pickle because it is a little hard to find a DVD TV combo these days. Anyway, my sons started getting at me about upgrading and eventually bought me an LED TV and a TV Roxx box for Christmas. I have to say that I am extremely delighted. I didn’t really think I’d notice much of a difference in quality but it really is impressive. Also, my main concern was how a non-techie like me would find my way around it. However, TV Roxx really makes itself easy to get around and even a beginner like me got the swing of it fairly quickly. It has even got me into computers a little and I spend more time doing a little surfing using the browser and wireless mouse. Well done TV Roxx!